Ascension reaches France

The sickness is spreading! Following the release of our teaser trailer earlier this year, a French website kindly spread the word about our upcoming film Ascension on their blog. Their article can be found here;

We also have a roughly translated version below;

Produced by Venomous Little Man, Ascension is a British independent zombie film scheduled for release this summer of post-production. Filming ended late January and today we have the first official trailer.

Like many films, Ascension, directed by James Hart, originated in a group of friends who wanted to achieve his no budget zombie film. They have however been joined by more and more participants through the mouth to ear and by more experienced people. The clip is rather good, but it is impossible to get an idea of the final result in just a minute. It may very well be terrible and amateur-like but it can be nice. In any case the starting point of the film - making difficult choices for the sake of a small number of people in the middle of a zombie apocalypse - is interesting, remains to be seen what they have done

Thank you for the article, we hope you enjoy the full movie when it is released!

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