Ascension Stars Feature in three of the "666 Horror Film" Competition Movies

"Frightfest, Horror Channel and Movie Mogul CHALLENGE YOU to make a short horror film following 6 killer restraints."

That was the challenge set to many film makers around the UK, one which Venomous Little Man could not resist. Having finished filming at the end of January and post production drawing to a close, the team decided to create and film a story for the competition.


The rules were;

Choose a pre-set theme (VLM chose Six Feet Under) maximum running time 6x 30 seconds (That’s 3 minutes!), maximum lines of dialogue – 6, maximum hours of shooting time – 6, maximum budget – £666, maximum cast – 6, maximum crew members – 6 (including post)

The story submitted by VLM features Ascension star Mark Rathbone as Footlocker, a man who at first seems normal as he enters his house dressed in a smart suit, he greets his daughter and wife before entering into the loft space. He is not alone here however as he has three of his victims tied up and helpless, to find out what happens next you'll have to watch our movie;


In less than 24 hours of being online it received almost 300 views and also several reviews from respected writers and people in the field.

Mark West Review

Hayley's Horror Reviews 

The VLM entry wasn't the only film to feature Ascension's cast and crew. "6 Seconds to Die" was written by VFX man Neil Stevens and directed by camera man Gary Rogers. It also features the acting talents of Jacky Fellow and Sam Knight who both feature in Ascension along with Gary's daughter Katrina.

And last but by no means least is the stunning entry "Sweet6Teen" written and directed by Mark Logan which includes Laurence Saunders in the lead role. This film oozes with quality and emotion, made more incredible by the fact that it was created from start to finish in 48 hours.


Fingers crossed that we see at least one of the films linked with Ascension in the top 6, which will then be broadcast on the Horror Channel. 

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