First DERELICT Shoot Wrapped!

The first scheduled shoot of VLM’s next project has wrapped. Principle location photography was shot on the weekend of April 18th-19th in a Redditch Subway and featured actors Graham Woodward and Isabelle Paige. Filming also saw support from ex-Royal Marines, Phil Blundell and Oliver Watkins, actress Liz Burden, photographer Andrew Freeman, and VLM supporters Louis Cypher and Craig Huntley. VLM's thanks goes out to all of these wonderful people. The shoot was covered in an article by the local press and can be found below:


A selection of Behind the Scenes stills from the shoot:

Left to Right: Isabelle Paige (actor), Graham Woodward (actor), Dave Jeffery (writer/producer), top right, Carl Braid (sound/editor) & bottom right, James Hart (director/producer).


Left to Right: James Hart, Louis Cypher, Craig Huntley, Carl Braid and Graham Woodward.

Left to Right, Ex-Royal Marines, Oliver Watkins and Phil Blundell are ready for action!



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