The Ascension Story

Ascension is based on the short story of the same name. It has been adapted into an original screenplay by author Dave Jeffery and centres on a small village in the UK as it adapts to a zombie apocalypse. Blakewell has a strong sense of family and community and its members risk the dangers of The Wilderness in order to find other survivors to contribute to their way of life. The story follows three villagers as they go out into The Wilderness to locate others and what happens when they find an unlikely group reluctant to return with them.

Fundamentally, Ascension challenges the concept of adapting to loss on a colossal scale. It seeks to question how far people will go to maintain a sense of normality in a world that no longer exists. Will the rules have to change in order for mankind to survive? And, in the end, does humanity have to suffer in order for us to remain human?

The short story can be found in ALT-ZOMBIE (Hersham Horror Books). More information on the origins of the story and the issues adapting it to become an original screenplay can be found in the Ascension interview at Hayley's Horror Reviews.

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