All videos released for the Ascension Movie so far;

Full Ascension Movie Trailer



Ascension Movie Preview #1

News Reel 1

We will be releasing four videos leading up to the movie, as these will help to explain how a minor incident between a rambler and a strange man could escalate to a global catastrophe. In the first video, our reporter Elaine Harding describes what for her is currently a seemingly insignificant story relating to an assault in Worcestershire, little does she know that this is the beginning of something much bigger.



News Reel 2

The second news reel takes our story one step further, with the situation in Worcestershire starting to become something to take seriously. There is speculation that the man who attacked Mr. Stacey was actually an escaped convict, but it seems that the authorities are keeping a lid on who he is as well as what's really going on.

News Reel 3

Things seems to be getting stranger every day with this story. Following the recent attack on Mr. Stacey which led to to a brief stint in hospital, it appears that he, his family and several others who live on his street have mysteriously vanished overnight. The homes were left in a state of abandonment and there are even reports of blood on the stret.


News Reel 4

The Final News Reel concludes our introduction to the upcoming Ascension Movie, after the strange events of recent weeks it wasn't clear what exactly was going on... until now. 

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